“Experience, determination, and failure have brought me to where I am today. All the hardship and lessons I have learned have taught me how to be stronger and work smarter.”
– Marc Paper Scissors 


Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 1.03.53 PM“It is all about finding a purpose in your life. If you have that the ups and downs are suddenly worth it. Right now and hopefully forever expressing and creating is mine.” – Kelly McCabe




“DON’T DO what everyone else does. Invent your own style!” – Bob Gordash






 kirsten-smith-blogger-635x357“I started over six years ago after meeting a girl who had a blog and thought to myself, “I can do that,” and so I did.” – Kristen Smith



Francisca PinedaWorking for yourself as a one woman show in the beginning  requires a lot of time and effort, and sacrifice.  If you don’t love or believe in your mission it will show.” – Francisca Pineda




“I would always wonder if I never tried and I’m very lucky as to how far I’ve come.” – Erin Murphy




“Mistakes are always a gift for improvement.” – Yo

derek_deal“Start with the art and then worry about the money. If you work hard and often at refining your craft and the rest should work itself out.” – Derek Deal




“It takes ignorance to jump and the strength to pull through.” – Kristin North



chris-smith-g-spot2“Don’t be afraid to change it up. I’ve quit jobs so I can do what I want to be doing, you got to be open to things, keep your ears and eyes open, if there’s one thing that New York has taught me “If you can make it here’ you can make it anywhere’.” – Chris “Smitty” Smith 



beered-ladies-2“Seeing more women excel in historically male-dominated professions undoubtedly paves the way for greater gender equality, especially when it comes to inspiring younger folks and challenging misconceptions about what a woman is capable of doing.” – The Beerded Ladies


“It’s just a feeling I get when I know something will turn out beautiful and should live forever in a picture.” 

– Amy Anaiz

jessica-ozrek“The common factor in my business ventures is creating a company that inspires and provides quality.”
– Jessica Ozrek

dana-caruso-1“Stay true to yourself. If you have a fire inside that drives you to create, then create, but be discerning, and think of the bigger picture. If it’s meant to be nothing can stop it.” – Dana Caruso


sara-rayo-art-3“Don’t let a negative criticism get you down. Keep investigating and looking for inspiration. Letting your muse flow, even if its the middle of the night! If you want your art to make you money, you have to turn it into a business, and you get to be the CEO!” – Sara Rayo




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