Ways to Promote Your Art

Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
What’s the point of creating amazing work if no one knows about it. Be constantly working and moving. If you’re doing it right online, putting yourself out there should lead to more work, you never know who’s looking

Share Your Work On Pinterest
Sharing your work on Pinterest can increase your exposure and open up new channels through which potential clients/collectors can discover and buy your work. Not all clients will be checking out behance and such.


Online Brand

Artist Bio
Have an artist bio and send it around with some samples as a PDF one-sheet
Click for more information on how to write an artist bio

Build a Great Portfolio
Having a well-organized, well-photographed portfolio with high-resolution images and detailed information of your artwork is the first step to establishing a great portfolio. As a professional artist, you not only want to showcase your art, but also should tell your fans the stories behind it– when was it created, what were you inspired by, and what did you use to create it?

Portfolio Sites
The first step, if you haven’t done so already, is to get yourself a web presence to showcase your design style and portfolio. There are many out there, just pick a handful and make sure you are on all the sites.

Professional Groups
For artists, try http://www.saatchiart.com/

Make Your Art Search-Friendly
Art collectors are often quite particular about which art to purchase next. Some are inspired by specific subjects, while others are interested in certain medium – you can never guess what collectors are looking for or how they find you. The best practice is to write a good description of your art, specify the category, subject, medium, and size of your art, add relevant keywords, and let Saatchi Art do the rest. If you take the time to be precise about your art, we promise you we’ll do our best to match it with our collectors’ needs.




Stay in Touch, Collaborate
Network is beneficial and fun. There are plently of great places to make connections and keep yourself involved. Make some friends and engage in discussions. Your friends will soon become an enthusiastic army of art promoters for you.

Work with Other Artists
Team up with other artists, whether its a piece or an art show together, to expand your fanbase



Become Part of the Community
Are there events or exhibitions that you would like to participate in? Any charity events where you would want to auction your art? What is currently going on in the art world? Who are the influencers and how do you get in touch with them? Awareness is a must when it comes to promoting your art, and following Saatchi Art on Facebook and Twitter is an easy way to stay aware. 

Go to meetups
Creative types are a social bunch and there are plenty of local meetup events for you to go along and throw your creative twopenneth in.
In London, the big one (if it’s not sold out) is Glug, although other meetup events ARE available. Up North there’s Northern Digitals and if you search around Twitter you’ll find many more local meet ups such as the Portsmouth Freelancers Meet (check out the hashtag #pfmeet).

Pick events that encourage networking
Not all design conferences do all they can to encourage networking between attendees. Sometimes, in the breaks between talks and other formal sessions, you’ll see a depressing sea of uncommunicative faces buried in laptops – not an environment where it’s easy to strike up conversations with stranger. At other times, it’ll be the opposite – you won’t be able to move without people introducing themselves in an open manner and with a smile on their face.


Build on your success

Once you’ve completed the work, make sure you’re not the only one shouting about how brilliant it is. There’s nothing better than a shining endorsement from someone who’s worked with you to help build your personal brand reputation.

Ask your (satisfied) client for a quick quote about the work and their working process with you and then add this to your online portfolio or blog before posting on your social networks. Remember, the more people endorsing you, the more buzz you can create about you and your work.