Q&A Sessions: Carlene Ferguson, Fashion Stylist

About Carlene Ferguson

Car Ferguson is a creative director, image consultant, trend setter and personal shopper all wrapped into one dynamic style force. Her versatile fashion sensibility has won the admiration and respect of her peers and clientele.

With over 15 years of styling experience as a freelancer in fashion, television, film and print advertisement, she exhorts a passion that is inspiring.  Car has worked with companies such as American Express, Miramax Films, Fox Network, Cotton Inc. and many notable others.  Her ability to style in both the commercial and fashion worlds so effortlessly keeps her highly sought after.  She travels abroad often for work and inspiration, but credits living in New York City as her greatest creative stimulus.



Who was key to influencing you to get into Fashion?

It really happened by accident, but if I have to give credit to someone, it would be My Grandmother. She was so effortless in all things style.


What path did you take to become a fashion stylist?

I honestly came in during a time when styling wasn’t so cool. I met someone who told me I should be a stylist because I had a very individual sense of style. I didn’t even know the career existed before then. From there, I met someone who would later become one of my best friends who worked as an assistant for a very famous artist and eventually introduced me to my first mentor. The rest was history.


What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have “normal business hours”?

My days are pretty unpredictable if I am booked for a gig. For the most part, I’m up early and I go to bed super late. Most times I’m working 12-18 hours a day. Styling is very grueling…physically and mentally.


You mentioned you’ve completed a 21 Day Meditation series? How has that affected you?

The 21 day meditation was the best thing that could have ever happen to me. I avoided it forever when a friend tried to get me to participate. I guess, I was just open and ready for it. I’ve always been told that you should give the first few minutes of the day to yourself/the Universe. I now see why. It’s a real investment in YOU. I remember being concerned about whether I could incorporate the practice in my life. Especially the whole idea of getting up early. Then a voice in me said, “if you can set your alarm for a job, you can set it a few minutes early for yourself. It’s so crazy we will prepare and weigh ourselves down for work w/out a second thought, but when it comes to filling up the most important thing (ourselves) we half step and make a bunch of excuses. Self care and love are essential to success.

numb5You worked as the stylist for the 360 Image Consultation at this year’s “The-Private-Client” event hosted by TIGI SoHo salon in participation with Cesar Galindo in NYC, what is you favorite tip for girls that want to get ready quickly?

My first tip was to look in every mirror you pass and say ” I am beautiful, I am phenomenal”. Regardless of what you may be seeing or feeling. I believe that perception shifts everything.


What are your outfit must haves?

Tough, but easy one…I love creating a uniform, meaning I advise ppl to go with what is comfortable for them. For me at the moment is the lounge suit (fancy sweatsuit). It can be dressed up or down, white blouse, grey jeans, sexy booties (or wedge sneakers), flattering hat and sun glasses.


Is the job as glamorous as people imagine?

NOT AT ALL. I will leave it at that.


What trends in fashion are you seeing right now?

I’m seeing this whole ideal of what I like to call tribe dressing. Meaning, ppl ‘s personality and likes can be identified by what they wear. It’s sort of cliquish in the sense you have the cool kids, the rebels, the nerds, the sophisticates and the conservative.


Does your styling for fashion shoots ever inspire your personal style?

Yes, I may see something that I think I client would like or need and somehow it will end up in my closet. I don’t like to waste anything, so I either donate it or figure out a way to make it work for me.


If you could style anyone in the world, anywhere in the world, who would you choose, what place would you choose and why?

For me it is not about any individual. I would love to just work for some super wealthy person who I mesh well with and basically travel all around the world to do all their personal shopping and styling. All on my terms, of course. While I LOVE what I do, I like to have a personal life.


What was the best advice you have received? (or a bit of advice for the reader)

The very best advice I have received to this day is, that it’s not that deep and I am not saving lives. (The world of entertainment can be a stressful bubble and people tend to lose contact of the “real world”). To that I would also add that although I may not be saving lives my work (talent, blood, sweat and real tears) still has value and that I have to respect it first. As entrepreneurs/artist some of our gifts come so easy that we don’t fully understand how precious they are. Some of the most gifted minds play small.