Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

My mom is a creative-type, little fire cracker. What I do know is that she likes to enjoy life. So this year we rounded up the gifts that I think any mom can enjoy. Here’s our top 7! Add your ideas to the comments.


  1. Windowsill Herb Garden Kit  – My mom likes to use fresh herbs in her cooking. Our little sister, Jimena Saravia, is a vegan with a pretty elaborate garden in her yard (and in other people’s yards.)
  2. From our dear friend, Hilary Pereira is Splash Premium Mixers are all-natural using the highest quality ingredients and only 20 calories per serving. The flavors include traditional classics plus original Splash creations and require nothing more than ice and your favorite spirit.  Mix with sparkling water for a non-alcoholic version.
  3. Good Vibes Stationery Set – We bough one of their posters as a wedding gift. Love this set by local NY designers.
  4. Mikimoto Pearls – One of our favorite clients, these “affordable luxury” item is worth it for your mama.
  5. Zoku Slush Maker  – With spring here, let’s get excited about the Summer season, yes time to grill!
  6. I actually took my mom to Brunch at McKinley and Doyle then followed by walk on the Appalachian trail.
  7. This Made In Brooklyn Tour is the perfect way to hear the history behind my favorite borough.