Event Recap: What A Character at Low Brow Artique

What a Character

What a Character art show, curated by artist See One, took place at The Low Brow Artique on Friday, August 15, 2014. What a Character ambitiously explores society’s character culture that we have all shared since our childhood. Characters are a necessary part of the human culture helping people to connect people to ideas and situations throughout the world. These artists are masters in their field, having successfully created original ,recognizable and fun stylized characters throughout the years in paintings, graffiti, comics, murals and drawings. Each of the artists included has shown great originality, style, imagination and growth in their individual artworks, which is continuously evolving and pushing communications with viewers.

Participating Artists: Chris Cortes Shiro Yok Sheryo Marka 27 Patch Whisky Cern Reno Msad Epic Uno


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